14. Juli 2021

Improving problem-solving and finding new solutions in virtual meetings

Collaborate, problem-solve, and grow as a team, from anywhere

Need help improving problem-solving in virtual meetings? Join me to learn how to find solutions and generate stronger ideas in your virtual meetings.

We explore the best problem-solving practices in online meetings. I will show you how brain-writing is the new brainstorming and which method helps you get to the root of a problem

My tips will help you excel in future online-decision meetings by working smart, not working hard. Whether you’re new to online meetings or simply upping your meeting game, these insider tips will highlight and activate your problem-solving abilities. Learn how to lead your team to newer, brighter ideas while collaborating from anywhere.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • How to plan your creative meetings by involving everyone
  • How to find the root of a problem and become a real problem solver
  • How to define the right framework and criteria to find the best solution
  • How to boost the creativity of your team using brain-writing
  • How to integrate these methods into meetings with many participants

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15. Juni 2020

Transform your meetings from average to top-performing-events

In this free webinar, we explore the concept of an online meeting through the lens of a small event. Both require sufficient planning and we want to help you elevate the performance of your future meetings. My tips will help you excel in future online meetings through improved structure, know-how and authenticity. Whether you’re new to online meetings or simply raising your meeting game, these insider tips will help you host a standout, engaging meeting.

I will give you effective tips on:

  • How can you construct a better agenda – because remember, flow is crucial
  • How can you avoid social loafing in remote meetings
  • How can you decrease pre-meeting preparation and cut out presentations
  • How alternative frameworks like sub-teams or intervals can help to lift meetings with an increased number of participants (>12) to a top-performance-event

Transform your average meetings
to top-performing events

To WATCH the webinar I did for North America click: here

To WATCH the webinar I did for England click: here

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